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Service items

Building structure

1. Position and depth detection of honeycomb voids in concrete

2. Detection of rebar bonding condition of newly poured concrete structures after an earthquake

3. Safety assessment of structures after a fire, quality inspection

4. assessment of reinforced steel plates and carbon fiber patches.


Bridge 1.Bridge local damage detection
2 Delaminated crack detection
3.Overall stiffness load test
4. Post-fire health diagnosis
5. Prestressed steel strand damage detection, unfilled duct detection
6. Steel cable force estimation.



Structures for water conservancy 1. Internal damage of reservoir, dam, spillway, embankment and other structures
2. Aging and deterioration of materials 
3. Evacuation condition underneath RC structure
4. Evaluation of grouting repair quality.



Tunnel 1. Concrete lining damage
2. Porosity behind concrete lining
3. Water seepage 
4. Deformation monitoring and other projects.



Foundation  Depth and defect detection of foundation piles



Road and pavement 1. Detection of underground pores and holes
2. Positioning of underground pipelines.
Historical Buildings 1. Aging material strength
2. Internal defect damage
3. Post-fire safety assessment.



Airport pavement and pier 1. Pavement and substrate thicknesses for Flexible and rigid pavement 
2. Assessment of the extent of flaws and 
3. Underground hole extent detection.
Pole wind turbines, electrical towers, chimneys 1. Structural defect detection 
2. overall stiffness assessment and monitoring.
Wind turbine blades Damage inspection and detection WTB