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Faculties and Staff



Cheng, Chia-Chi (鄭家齊) / Director

家齊主任TEL:04-23323000 ext.4243


Degree:Ph.D., Cornell University

Expertise:Surface wave method, Impact-echo, concrete NDT, Bridge health monitoring



Hsu, Keng-Tsang (許耿蒼) / Vice Director

許耿蒼副主任TEL:04-23323000 ext.4573


Degree:Ph.D., Nation Chung Hsing University

Expertise:Impact-echo, GPR, Lidar, UAV, NDT for infrastructure, bridge health monitoring



Chiang, Chih-Hung (江支弘) / Project Pricipal Investigator

家齊主任TEL:04-23323000 ext.4248


Degree:Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder

Expertise:infrared thermography, ultrasonic testing, digital image correlation techniques, vibration analysis of wind turbine system


Lai, Jiunnren (賴俊仁) / Project Pricipal Investigator

許耿蒼副主任TEL:04-23323000 ext.4358


Degree:Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Expertise:Geophysical site exploration by SASW and GPR, NDT for Integrity of piles


Tsai, Pei-Hsun (蔡佩勳) / Project Principal Investigator

家齊主任TEL:04-23323000 ext.4425


Degree:Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University

Expertise:The dynamic responses of the earth dam and piles, surface wave seismic test 

Ke, Ying Tzu (柯盈慈) / Post-Doctor

柯盈慈 博士後研究員TEL:04-23323000 ext.7009


Degree:Ph.D., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:Numerical analysis, structural monitoring, document processing, non-destructive testing related research


Lin, Yung-Chiang (林永强) / Post-Doctor

林永强博士後研究員TEL:04-23323000 ext.7012


Degree:Ph.D., Nation Chung Hsing University

ExpertiseNon-destructive testing of concrete, related research on vibration monitoring and analysis of structures and health monitoring, related research on non-destructive testing


Pan,Yan-Ting (潘彥廷) / Staff

潘彥廷 工程師TEL:04-23323000 ext.7005


Degree:M.S., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:Ground Penetrating Radar Detection, Impact-Echo Detection, Finite Element Method Simulation


Chen, Yi-Wen (陳益文) / Staff

陳益文 工程師TEL:04-23323000 ext.7005


Degree:M.S., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:Bridge Inspection, Infrared Thermal Image Inspection


Lin, Zong-Zhi (林宗志) / Staff 

林宗志 工程師TEL:04-23323000 ext.7005


Degree:M.S., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:Impact-echo method, structural monitoring


Tao, Hong-Yu (陶宏育) / Staff

陶宏育 工程師TEL:04-23323000 ext.7005


Degree:M.S., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:lamb-wave method, AI Artificial Intelligence, Ground Penetrating Radar Detection


Pan, Jie-Zhen (潘潔貞) / Staff

張德弘檢驗員TEL:04-23323000 ext.7005


Degree:M.S., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection, Structural Monitoring, Document Processing


Hong, Jia-Jian (洪嘉鍵) / Staff

洪嘉鍵 博士TEL:04-23323000 ext.4576


Degree:M.S., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:Topographic Survey, Satellite Survey, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Lai, Yong-You (賴泳佑) / Staff

賴泳佑 工程師TEL:04-23323000 ext.7005


Degree:M.S., Chaoyang University of Technology

Expertise:Infrared Unmanned Vehicles, Ground Penetrating Radar Detection